sphinxcontrib-spelling 7.0.0

sphinxcontrib-spelling is a spelling checker for Sphinx. It uses PyEnchant to produce a report showing misspelled words.

Project details 7.0.0 on PyPI

What’s new in 7.0.0?

  • Handle ValueError raised by importlib.util.find_spec (contributions by Rust Saiargaliev)
  • Remove obsolete comment and guard in setup() (contributions by Jon Dufresne)
  • Remove unnecessary UnicodeEncodeError (due to Python 3) (contributions by Jon Dufresne)
  • Use Python 3 super() (contributions by Jon Dufresne)
  • Remove support for end-of-life Python 3.5 (contributions by Jon Dufresne)
  • Simplify and improve tox configuration (contributions by Jon Dufresne)
  • Capitalize “Python” and “Sphinx” in docs and comments (contributions by Jon Dufresne)
  • add support for python 3.9