sphinxcontrib-spelling 7.0.1

sphinxcontrib-spelling is a spelling checker for Sphinx. It uses PyEnchant to produce a report showing misspelled words.

Project details 7.0.1 on PyPI

What’s new in 7.0.1?

  • Update Travis configuration to use Python 3.9 release (contributions by Jon Dufresne)
  • Revert “Replace deprecated imp module with importlib” (contributions by Jon Dufresne)
  • add integration test for django documentation build
  • Include all supported Pythons in the tox test matrix (contributions by Jon Dufresne)
  • Parametrize test_contributors (contributions by Jon Dufresne)
  • Remove remaining references to reno release notes manager (contributions by Jon Dufresne)
  • Replace codecs.open() with Python 3 builtin open() (contributions by Jon Dufresne)
  • Add tests for ImportableModuleFilter._skip() (contributions by Jon Dufresne)
  • Document and test support for PyPy (contributions by Jon Dufresne)
  • Introduce isort for automated formatting of Python imports (contributions by Jon Dufresne)
  • Remove some unused members from SpellingBuilder and SpellingDirective (contributions by Jon Dufresne)