virtualenvwrapper - A pre-release for testing

virtualenvwrapper is a set of extensions to virtualenv for creating and deleting virtual environments and otherwise managing your development workflow, making it easier to work on more than one project at a time without introducing conflicts in their dependencies.

Project details on PyPI

This release was produced to test the GitHub automation for publishing to PyPI, but also includes some of the breaking changes that will appear in the final 6.0.0 release.

The last release of virtualenvwrapper was 4.8.4 in February of 2019. If you rely on virtualenvwrapper for your daily workflow, please try out this pre-release version and let us know if there are any issues by filing a ticket.

What’s new in

Breaking Changes

  • formally drop Python 2 support
  • remove python2 from startup logic for finding the python interpreter
  • drop ksh support
  • remove toggleglobalsitepackages command, since virtualenv seems to have removed that capability


  • packaging: fix indentation of trove classifier for audience
  • fix wipeenv for editable packages
  • skip some tempfile tests on macos
  • adjust error message detection in hook tests
  • update lssitepackages tests to not need easy_install
  • remove tests and features relying on –no-site-packages
  • remove the test for making virtualenvs relocatable
  • replace deprecated egrep with grep -E (contributions by Alexander Huynh)
  • Updating to support virtualenv 20+ (contributions by Jason Myers)
  • fixup! Find the highest Python version with installed virtualenvwrapper (contributions by Lumir Balhar)
  • Find the highest Python version with installed virtualenvwrapper (contributions by Lumir Balhar)
  • Make mkvirtualenv work with interpreters whose paths have spaces (contributions by Audrey Dutcher)
  • Fixes Issues #248 (contributions by Jason Myers)

Documentation and Packaging

  • Updated tested Python versions in README. (contributions by Carlton Gibson)
  • docs: fix or remove broken links
  • docs: remove broken link from tips list
  • docs: clean up trailing whitespace
  • docs: update language that implies there is only 1 maintainer
  • Fixing bitbucket in projects (contributions by Jason Myers)
  • Updating template docs (contributions by Jason Myers)
  • missed ones (contributions by Jason Myers)
  • Updating references to bitbucket (contributions by Jason Myers)
  • Updating references to bitbucket (contributions by Jason Myers)
  • update trove classifiers with more modern python versions
  • Fixing readme.txt (contributions by Jason Myers)
  • fix link to screencast
  • improve some of the wording in the readme
  • Improve Zsh prompt tip (contributions by Stephan Sokolow)
  • index.rst edited online with Bitbucket (contributions by Shailesh Vashishth)

Maintainer Automation and Tests

  • add github action for publishing packages
  • tox: update doc build commands
  • mergify: add rules to label PRs based on pbr sem-ver data
  • require at least one reviewer to approve PRs
  • ci(Mergify): configuration update
  • pass user and home through from tox instead of using id to derive them
  • update tox config to not set basepython for zsh
  • update tox to only use default python version
  • update test runner to use python3
  • add a “fast” environment in tox to exit as soon as any test fails
  • run all of the tests and accumulate errors
  • expand the relative path for envdir to the full path
  • add pkglint test and fix some warnings
  • set python version for zsh job in ci
  • update tox config for tox 4
  • do not specify python version for docs env in tox settings
  • set the version of python to use for linter jobs
  • fix linter action config
  • add github action configuration for test jobs