virtualenvwrapper is a set of extensions to virtualenv for creating and deleting virtual environments and otherwise managing your development workflow, making it easier to work on more than one project at a time without introducing conflicts in their dependencies.

Project details on PyPI

What’s new in

  • move build dependencies to pyproject.toml
  • move linter dependencies to pyproject.toml
  • Improve error message for IOErrors (contributions by Fabian P. Schmidt)
  • add python 3.12 to test matrix
  • Fix shell completion on FreeBSD (contributions by bendikro)
  • Fixed broken link in install docs. (contributions by Carlton Gibson)
  • install setuptools for test packages, use pip (contributions by Alfred Wingate)
  • remove use of distutils (contributions by Alfred Wingate)
  • Update the tested Python versions to match README (contributions by Evan Chong)
  • Changed workon’s env switching to use OR not $? (contributions by Neal Joslin)
  • docs: add read the docs configuration file
  • add virtualenvwrapper.version module
  • pin python version in doc build test
  • docs: update requirements for build on rtd
  • pkglint: check both package formats
  • docs: switch to manually managed changelog
  • tests: update tests to use the packaged version of the scripts
  • packaging: modernize packaging
  • add a –version option to the hook loader
  • switch to implicit namespaces