virtualenvwrapper-project 1.3

virtualenvwrapper-project is an old extension for virtualenvwrapper to add project-management features. Where virtualenvwrapper is for managing virtualenv environments, project manages your development source directories.

Project details 1.3 on PyPI

What’s New in 1.3

  • Redo the packaging for the documentation.
  • Change the location where hooks are created for new projects to use VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_HOOK_DIR instead of WORKON_HOME. This makes 1.3 compatible with virtualenvwrapper 2.7.
  • Update the test suite and verify that all tests pass on OS X and Ubuntu 10.10.


  • Manages your development project work directories along with your virtualenv environments.
  • Defines an API for creating templates to quickly create new environments consistently.
  • Use workon command from virtualenvwrapper to switch between projects.
  • User-configurable hooks for customizing new projects.